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Deshmukh Sagar, Jadhav Kashmiri and Dhivyapriya D (2015)

Agrobios Newsletter. XIV (2):139-140.

Dhivyapriya D., Jadhav Kashmiri and Deshmukh Sagar (2015)

Agrobios Newsletter. XIV (1):104-105.

Agricultural Development and its Impact on Biodiversity

R. Paramshivam, Deshmukh Sagar and T Mohanasundari (2015)

Agrobios Newsletter.  XIV (1):136-137.

Status of Pulses in India: Scope and Challenges

Deshmukh Sagar (2011)

AgriScape. 41-42.AgriScape. 41-42.

Poultry industry in India

Deshmukh Sagar (2011)

AgriScape. 11-12

Business Ethics: Matching action with words 
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